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                                                 2014 AUBURN AREA VETERAN’S DAY PARADE

                                                      INFORMATION & OFFICIAL APPLICATION

PARADE PURPOSE:  The sole purpose of the Auburn Area Veteran’s Day Parade is to honor the service of our Veterans and to salute our currently serving military. It is a non-partisan, non-political event and may not be used as a platform for any other purpose or political agenda. Any individual or group that attempts to use the Parade as a forum for this purpose will be denied future participation.


·         All organizations must submit a Participation Application by 10/28/2014

·         All applications are reviewed by the Parade Committee

·         Accepted groups are sent confirmation emails

·         Confirmed groups receive final assembly information and other details

LINE OF MARCH:        Accepted and confirmed groups will be informed of their position in the Line of March (order of the parade) in the weeks prior to the parade.

ASSEMBLY:  Accepted and confirmed groups will be informed in the weeks prior to the parade as to the staging area where they are to assemble the morning of the parade. Please meet at your assigned staging area and line up according to your assigned Line of March number between 9:30-10:30AM. This number will also be used for recognition by the Master of Ceremony.

DATE/TIME:  The parade will take place on November 11th (Veteran’s Day), rain or shine. The parade (position #1) will step off at 10:45AM at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Cleveland Street.

ROAD CLOSURE:  Closure will begin at 9:30AM. Please make every effort to be in your staging area before 9:30AM.

ROUTE:  The parade will continue west on Lincoln Avenue and stop at Central Square for Taps, flyover and dove release.

ELDERLY & DISABLED VETERANS:  We encourage our elderly and disabled veterans to join us in the Line of March. We will have dedicated jeeps and other vehicles available for you to ride in. However, you must call Roberta McGuinn, Parade Director at 530-885-3731 for pick up time and place and to reserve your ride.


Parade units agree to the assigned placement by the Parade Director

  • All parade units are to depict a relevant, patriotic and Veteran theme.
  • Units shall not stop and/or perform routines at any point along the route without express permission. 
  • All parade units shall display identifying signs, flags posters or banners to identify the unit.
  • There shall be no display of political, religious or commercial statements, emblems or objects. 
  • Units that are afoot are to maintain a parade marching formation.  March at Attention at a comfortable and unified cadence while maintaining an interval of 30 ft. - 50 ft. between units.  No Route March or At Ease March.  Laggards will be removed from the parade route.  No Strolling.
  • No smoking, chewing, eating or drinking is allowed while in the parade.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the line up area or on the parade route.

  • No parking in the staging area unless your vehicle is to be driven in the parade.

  • Vehicles participating in the parade must be registered, insured and operated by a licensed driver.
  • Items may be individually handed to spectators - not thrown into the crowd (candy included).
  • If you need to withdraw from the parade please notify the Parade Director as soon as possible, Roberta McGuinn at:  530 885-3731.

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