Richard W. Townsend Post 84


Auburn Squadron 84

Auburn Squadron has 30 members, unfortunately we are a paperwork Squadron. I (Court) would very much like to get this Squadron active and I'm looking for someone to assist in making this happen. Our parents served our country and in most cases are still serving in the American Legion. The American Legion was founded by our forefathers to help other Veterans. The Sons of the American Legion was founded to help our parents preform this task. Like in my case I'm a member of both, having also served 22 years in the service. But my father is unable to serve any longer and now the baton has been passed on and it's my turn to help carry on the Legion Programs.

If you are interested in being an active member contact me.  Post 84 could really use our help! We do jobs like assisting with dinners, helping out at the bar, working on commissions (Baseball), marching in the parades, and helping our elder Legion members get to and from their meetings.

Starting January 2008 the dues have gone up! We will need to raise our dues to $12.00 a year, we've been paying $7.00 for many years and forwarding $6.50 to State and National. That was only leaving $.50 per member to maintain our Squadron. Hopefully this will not cause you to drop, remember that we're carrying on the legacy of our parents. Remember that the cost of just sending you your membership card takes up the rest of your dues payment of $7.00 ($.41).